Nurul Syahirah bt Azmi

Nurul Syahirah bt Azmi

  • Education Background

  • College / University
    Universiti Teknologi Malayisa
  • Graduation Year
  • Course Attended
    Master of Philosophy (M.Phil)
  • Highest Qualification
    Master Degree
  • Awards / Achievements
    SILVER MEDAL - “ Internet of Thing (IOT) in Urban Agro LED Farming Technology”
    Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE)

    BRONZE MEDAL - “In Vitro Enhancement of Roses Shoot Multiplication using


    1. Ahmad Nizar Harun, Nurul Najwa Ani, Robiah Ahmad, Nurul Syahirah Azmi. (2013) Red and Blue LED with Pulse Lighting Control Treatment for Brassica Chinensis in Indoor Farming. IEEE Conference on Open Systems (ICOS), December 2 - 4, 2013, Sarawak, Malaysia. 231-236.

    2. Nurul Syahirah Azmi, Robiah Ahmad, and Rusli Ibrahim. (2014) Effects of Red and Blue (RB) LED on the in vitro Growth of Rosa Kordesii in Multiplication Phase. 2nd International Conference on Agriculture and Biotechnology IPCBEE vol. 79 IACSIT Press, Singapore DOI: 10.7763/IPCBEE. 2014. V79. 4

    3. Nurul Syahirah Azmi, Robiah Ahmad, and Rusli Ibrahim. (2015) Effects of LED lights, Plant Growth Regulator and Photoperiod on shoot production of in vitro propagated Rosa spp. International Conference on Smart Sensors and Application (ICSSA) 978-1-4799-7364-4 2015 IEEE

    4. Fluorescent Light (FL), Red LED and Blue LED Spectrums Effects on in Vitro Shoots Multiplication. International Symposium on Sciences and Mathematics (ISySM2015). 78:6–6 (2016) 93–97 | www.jurnalteknologi.utm.my | eISSN 2180–3722
  • Tutoring Service

  • Tutor Commitment
    Graduates / Part Time
  • Tutoring Specialization
    Pre-School, Primary School, Secondary School
  • Primary School Subjects
    English, Maths, Science, Bahasa Malayu
  • PT3 / Lower Secondary Subjects
    Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics, Science
  • SPM / STPM / Upper Sec Subjects
    Bahasa Malayu
  • Tutoring Style / Experience
    I have 5 years experience in teaching government school and IGCSE syllabus in Bahasa Melayu. Fun and great result guaranteed! A well-revised technique of Mathematics and Science for UPSR and PT3.
    FUN! FUN! FUN!
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