Below are some commonly asked questions or problems that tutors may encounter.

(1) Pre-Registration FAQ

Is tutoring suitable for me?

Tutoring can be rewarding if you are keen about educating the next generation who will shape the future. For home tuition, hourly rate can range from RM20 to 120 per hour, depending on your qualifications and experience. We believe this rate is really not bad because we arrange tuition sessions to fit your busy schedule and location. If you hold a full time job, you may also earn some part time income during your free time.

Is it worth my effort to register with MyGradtutors?

Formerly known as, we have been operating for more than 8 years in Malaysia. We have many students and parents or learning center owners who request for private tutors regularly. While we cannot guarantee that all tutors could be selected for tuition jobs, registration provides you an opportunity to explore tutoring as source of mainstream or part time income. Our service is most useful when we can source for students who can fit your busy schedule.

Do not be discouraged if you do not have any prior experience. Many tutors started tutoring when they first register with us.


(2) Post Registration FAQ

(2A) Profile Information and Privacy

Why can't I publish my contact details on certain section of my profile?

We do not allow tutors to publish any kind of contact details such as email address, phone numbers, or links to personal blog or external sites on certain section of the profile page. We may have no choice but to remove profile information that contains contact details that should be hidden.

How do I update my tutor profile?

Tutors can edit / remove profile information with the login credentials anytime. Due to large number of tutors, our coordinators will not update your profile. Just login at the website and everything is quite straight forward.

I am concerned that my profile is visible to everyone on Internet. What can I do?

For tutors who are concerned about profile privacy, you may change your "Name" on profile to "Username" or any Alias Name. We will only reveal your real name when potential clients express interest in your tutoring service.

(2B) Tuition Job Application

I have registered as tutor. How can I be selected for assignments?

Please visit the assignment board often: to check new assignments. You may also want to bookmark this page.

Selection of tutors is mainly based on decision made by students or parents. You may consider improving your tutor profile so that clients are more confident in hiring you. A profile with a decent photo is definitely more likely to be selected than profiles without photos or little information. Clients have indicated before that they will only hire tutors who look decent and professional.

Will the coordinator call me personally for available assignments?

Due to large number of tutors, we may not be able to call tutors individually. However, we will contact you when clients express interest and you become a potential candidate for the available assignment.


3) Salary Payment & Agency Fee

Why is the agency deducting 50% fee from my salary?

In fact, the 50% is just one-off [1st Salary Period Only] to cover our admin and marketing cost. To many, we serve as an entry for you to establish a successful tutoring career. If you are truly professional in tutoring, there will be some referral from your own student network after some time.

How is agency fee calculated if tution arrangement is terminated by the student after a few lessons?

Instead of normal calculation, our coordinator will advise you on pro-rated agency fee calculation.

What if I am not paid after providing my service to the student?

MyGradtutors will only be responsible for the initial tuition arrangement between tutor and student. As we will not know what happens after the 1st lesson, we are not in a good position to judge whether you should be paid for your service by the student. However, we will be available to provide our opinion and support to resolve possible conflicts. 

How is agency fee calculated and affect my salary?

MyGradtutors will collect a one time agency fee from the tutor after 2 lessons have commenced. This amount is typically 50% of tutors' agreed salary (for 1 salary period) with the student.


Total Lesson Time in 1 salary period  (4 lessons x 2 hours/ lesson) = 8 hours

 Tuition Rate = RM30/hr

Tuition agency fee = 50% x (8 hours x RM30) = RM120


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